Spray tanning 

The number one tanning concern every client expresses before we spray tan them is... " I don't want to be orange!!"  After running one of Perths busiest tanning salons for over 9 years the sisters Laura & Emma are Spray tanning experts, the sisters use SprayAus tanning solution in studio - they can achieve anything from a natural glow to even the deepest darkest tan.

Spray Aus 

"A tan natural enough to wear to the beach & luminescent enough to accompany the likes of Bec Judd, Nadia Bartel & Zoe Foster-Blake to red carpet events."


If your after a long lasting, amazing smelling tan Spray Aus is for you! Made from Natural ingredients this spray tanning solution will keep you brown 365 days of the year. Spray Aus has been designed with one solution which can be left on for as little as 1.5 hours or as long as 8 hours depending on the colour you would like to achieve. The solution is all-natural and doesn’t normally irritate the skin which is perfect for those clients with sensitive skin. The combination of rich natural fruits, plants, oils and extracts, soothe, strengthen and promote healthy skin.

SPRAY TANS  -  $30

- Full body tan


- Full body tan with double coat  

Before your tan

- Exfoliate skin prior to spray tan 

- Waxing/shaving MUST be done 24 hours before tan

- ensure you have no deodorant, moisturiser, perfume on the skin. 

- If you would like your face tanned please remove your makeup prior to arriving before your appointment. 

- wear loose clothing to put on after your tan. 

During your tan 

Studio MIS is a home studio so please note all tanning is completed in a private area in a tanning tent. 

- We supply disposable G-strings & hair nets to wear (you are also welcome to wear your own underwear or go nude)

- Let Laura or Emma know any tanning concerns you may have 

- Remove all jewellery 

After your tan 

- Wear loose clothing whilst tan develops

- Please do not wet the skin whilst spray tan is developing 

- Once tan has developed the top layer of bronzer will wash off the skin in the shower

- moisturise daily to maintain skin hydration 

* The use of pools, spas, beaches, tanning oils etc will reduce the lifetime of your tan.

* Spray tans DO NOT protect from UV rays, we always recommend wearing SPF whilst in the sun. 

To make a Spray tan booking with Laura or Emma please visit the "contact us' section on the home page.