Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions are silk & synthetic fibres attached to your natural lash resulting in longer, thicker, fuller eyelashes. Our eyelash extensions are available in classic , hybrid & Volume (Pre-fanned heat bonded lashes - not glued).  At studio MIS we use our own brand of lash extensions "MIS cosmetics" pre-fanned lashes, the lashes are available in various lengths and thicknesses.

The difference between the two eyelash extension options are fairly obvious when applied - have a little read below if you are unsure. 

 Classic -  Are individual eyelash extensions applied to each individual natural lash, these are designed for clients who are new to eyelash extensions and who like the look of mascara but don't want to wear any, they are perfect for adding length. Full sets we allow 1 hour 15mins this includes arrival and filling out client consult forms. 


- Individual Eyelash extensions glued to each natural lash

CLASSIC REFILLS 2  weeks   - $70

CLASSIC REFILLS 3 weeks   - $75

CLASSIC REFILLS 4 weeks - $90


- Individual classics applied to outside corner natural lashes

OUTER EDGE REFILLS 2 - 3 weeks  - $50

Hybrid - a mixture between classic and Volume lash extensions. we alternate between to the two styles when applying them to your natural lashes. (eg classic lash, volume fan. classic lash, volume fan etc). This style is the half way step it suits clients who have naturally fine or slightly gappy lashes, the hybrid style helps thicken them up.  Full sets take roughly 1 hour 30mins.


- a mix of thin classic & pre-fanned volume applied to the natural lashes

HYBRID REFILLS 2 weeks - $75

HYBRID REFILLS 3 weeks - $85

HYBRID REFILLS 4 weeks - $95

Volume - clients who are after a fuller look to the lash line we recommend our pre fanned Volume eyelashes, these beautiful heat bonded eyelash extensions are super soft and fluffy, the suit all clients. Available in various lengths, curls & 3 & 4D thickness. Full set take roughly 2 hours, including filling out consult forms. 


- 3/4D pre-fanned Lash Extensions applied to natural lashes   

Pre-Fanned VOLUME REFILLS  2 weeks  - $80

Pre-Fanned VOLUME REFILLS  3 weeks   - $85

Pre-Fanned VOLUME REFILLS 4 weeks - $100


- Pre-fanned extensions applied to outside corner natural lashes

OUTER EDGE REFILLS 2 - 3 weeks  - $50

Eyelash Extension Aftercare


  • Do not wet the eyes for 24 hours after application. This includes - swimming, steam room, sauna, heavy sweating from exercise.


  • Eye makeup should also be avoided for 24 hours this ensures that no other product interferes with the glue setting.


  • To extend the life of your eyelash extensions please DO NOT use mascara, makeup removers or cosmetics around the eyes, which contain oils as this can affect the bond of the lash glue.


  • At studio MIS, we recommend you lightly brush your eyelash extensions every day after washing your face to keep lashes in place and untangled.


  • Cleanse eyelash extensions daily (with an oil free cleanser) as bacteria, natural oils and eye makeup can build up on lashes and eye area. If you are not following a proper cleansing routine eyes can become irritated and infected. We highly recommend using our "studio MIS foaming lash cleanser" & "studio MIS lash cleansing brush" which you can purchase from us in studio.


  • Book your eyelash extension refills in advance to maintain the fullness, refills are recommended after 2 or 3-4 weeks depending on your lash cycle and whether you are wearing classic or pre-fanned volume lashes. You should have at least 40% or more lashes left on to be considered a refill. 


  • Eyelash extensions should feel light & comfortable at all times if you have any concerns whilst wearing them please contact us ASAP.


Please remove all eye makeup prior to your next appointment, to ensure you receive the most out of your treatment time.

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